Hi. I'm Jordan. I'm 20. I love people, books, theater, classical music, raspberry iced tea, harry potter, mumford and sons, movies, asians, doctor who, the beatles, women writers, lana del rey, and sincerity.

~She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten~ twitta insta this is me



fellow Front Bottoms fans, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but this is a fantastic video

The power cuts out at the end of Flashlight, at which point Brian decides to start the next song anyway (“The Beers”). with help from the people in the audience

What happens is fantastic; let’s just say that the power comes back on at pretty much the perfect moment

this video blows my mind what the fuck watch this video and you will know why the front bottoms are so important

they are just so great and so fun

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The Rules: Answer the questions your tagger asked, then, tell whoever tagged you when you’ve completed their questions. Write eleven new questions and tag eleven people to answer them.

1 artist, album, or song?
ohhh man so hard. right now the playlist bitter-babe made me for my bday ;-;

2 what’s a thing you can make that you’re proud of?
I can knit!

3 what’s a thing you can’t control that you’re proud of?
my freckles?  does that count?

4 how many hats do you own?
I have like three. my hat confidence isn’t high, sadly.

5 favorite type of tree?
weeping willow

6 favorite breakfast?
biscuits and gravy!!!!!

7 if you weren’t a person, what would you be?
hopefully a cat or a tiger or lion or something majestic

8 mountains or beaches?
wait that’s really hard…. probably beaches…?

9 favorite season?

10 what makes you mad that you know shouldn’t?
my dog trying to play with me hahaha

11 tallest friend?
Nate Hunt? Jacob Koenig?


1- who’s your favorite superhero?
2- what is your favorite outfit?
3- if you weren’t a person, what would you be?
4- current fave album?
5- favorite type of flower?
6- dr pepper or mountain dew?
7- do you have any talents you’re proud of?
8- movies or tv?
9- what makes you happiest in the world!!!
10- what are you most excited for?
11- favorite season?

bitter-babe amarandie soupemoji420

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My most favourite thing on TV ever.

Best clip ever

ya so white and anglo saxon and shit

best fucking show ever

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Part 3: Celebrities react to the Ferguson protests (Part 1, Part 2)

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